Thursday, December 14, 2006

I got tagged!

After all the preparations and the recovery needed after my operation, I must admit I had no idea how to get my creative juices flowing again. My mind goes blank every time I log in to my blogger account. Good thing I got tagged by a blog friend Kat. This is a nice way for me to get excited about writing again. For this tag, I need to write 6 random facts about myself, plus an explanation for each item. Here it goes ...

1. I cannot sleep with dirty feet.

I might be dead-tired from work (arriving past midnight) with my make-up still on,
about to fall asleep the moment my head hits my pillow...and yet I cannot sleep with dirty feet. I have this urgent need to go to the bathroom and wash my feet even if I do not get to wash my face or brush my teeth due to sheer exhaustion. I just have no explanation for this. This is one of my quirks.

2. I like watching my DVD set of "Will & Grace" over and over and over again.

It used to be the TV show "Friends," but this has been replaced by "Will & Grace". I do not get tired of watching the same show over and over again. And I still laugh at the right moments. Don't get me wrong...I like watching the occasional new movie and TV show. But there is something about watching the same scenes over and over me a sense of comfort that nothing will change in my life and nobody will leave me...again. Must be all the childhood heartaches of relatives and friends migrating abroad and the memory of the death of my brother and father.

3. I love collecting bookmarks.

As a young kid, I loved to read the usual Nancy Drew series which progressed to Sweet Dreams which eventually progressed to more serious stuff. Since budget was tight, I was unable to buy and collect these books. I could only borrow them. So, in lieu of books, I thought of collecting bookmarks. Wala lang...bookmarks are a whole lot cheaper. :-)

4. I love to eat bananas dipped in adobo cauce and/or ice cream with potato chips or french fries.

These are some of my comfort foods. I love the sweetness of bananas or ice cream mixed with the saltiness of adobo sauce or potato chips/french fries. However, since I'm pregnant and currently in the stage of paglilihi, I cannot stand the smell or sight of bananas and adobo and any food with lots of garlic in them. They would have to wait until I give birth.

5. I have a very laid back disposition.

A friend of mine is frustrated with me. When I was still single and unattached, this friend of mine would always invite me to go to Sagada, Mountain Province to trek. While I am sure that this place must be very picturesque surrounded by the beauty of nature....I am not inclined to go through all that trouble to enjoy the beauty of nature. My idea of a perfect vacation is to stay in bed and sleep all day....hehehe.

6. Whenever I go inside National Book Store, I have this strong compulsion to buy something, even just a ballpen so that I will not leave empty handed.

I have racked up a lot of reward points with my Laking National Card because of this compulsion. There is absolutely no explanation for this. If you have any idea how to get rid of this compulsion, I would certainly welcome your suggestion. This is the reason why I refuse to go inside National Book Store if there is no need for me to buy anything.

I'm not tagging anyone with this meme. I'm just happy to be back.


niceheart said...

Pareho tayo on number 5. I'm also a laid back person and I'd rather stay home and relax on vacations.

On number 1, I can't sleep without taking a quick shower. I don't wet my hair, just you know, a quick buhos.

kyels said...


I missed your posts and now you are finally back. Hehehe. Kumusta ka?

Well, I'm sure you'd be able to write once again and let those creative juices flow.

How are preparations for Pasko?


Hugs! Ingat na!

Toe said...

I'm like Niceheart on No. 1. I always take a shower without wetting my hair at night no matter how tired I am. Even if there's no hot water. On No. 2, I used to watch Friends daily on Star World. No. 3, kumpleto din ako ng Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. High School, I just borrowed my Sweet Dreams because my Mom won't let me buy them. I also collect bookmarks. No. 4, nalilito ako... is it adobo with ice cream or french fries in adobo sauce? :) On No. 5, believe it or not, I spend most weekends just sleeping. We go home Friday night and the next time we leave the house is Monday morning. No. 6, OMG! Definitely the same. I totally love National bookstore. Kahit nga ballpen or eraser, bibili din ako. :) We have lots in common... except the adobo with ice cream. :)

vic said...

# 6 compulsion is some kind of addiction or sickness,but whatever it is it will soon led me to the bankrucptcy court. the other day I was thinking what to give my teenage niece and her two elder brothers for Christmas that I can afford (they just moved to California from Manila Dec 2005, my baby sister's)then as usual I visited Dell computer site and ended ordering them a 42 inch HD Plasma, almost maxing my Credit, and I don't even have these things, on top of their Dell P.C. and DigCam. Can't just stop buying these kids and they just can't stop telling me I'm the greatest. parang uto-uto. But that's compulsion, but not a bad compulsion I guess..

snglguy said...

"I love to eat bananas dipped in adobo cauce and/or ice cream with potato chips or french fries." - Ugh! Now THAT, is weird. Hahaha. :-D

Welcome back,ladybug. And I hope for good. At least until the "time" comes. :-)

ladybug said...

niceheart> Magkasundo pala tayo when it comes to vacation plans...haha. I'm afraid we're missing a lot of things in this world by just staying at home. Anyway, what's more important siguro is to spend time with one's family. That's priceless.

ladybug said...

kyels> Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm really glad to be back. I really missed all of you guys. Regarding Christmas preparations, I'm certainly falling behind. When I got well enough to go to the malls, I couldn't stand the volume of people doing their Christmas shopping. I might have to give my presents late this year. :-( Hope you're also doing fine.

ladybug said...

toe> Hahaha....magkaibigan nga tayo. We have lots of things in common. Regarding the food that I crave, magkahiwala yun. Either banana dipped in adobo sauce OR ice cream with fries or potato chips. Hahaha...pasensha na kung medyo magulo yung nasulat ka. Nagmamadali kasi. Excited na ulit mag-blog. Napaghalu-halo na tuloy silang lahat. :-)

ladybug said...

vic> Wow! You're a great uncle and brother. Hahaha...just take care that you don't end up bankrupt one of these days. I do understand what you mean. Bringing smiles to the faces of people we love and care about is totally priceless. I tend to do that sometimes too. :-)

ladybug said...

vic> Wow! You're a great uncle and brother. Hahaha...just take care that you don't end up bankrupt one of these days. I do understand what you mean. Bringing smiles to the faces of people we love and care about is totally priceless. I tend to do that sometimes too. :-)

ladybug said...

snglguy> hahaha...I really am weird that way. Even now when I'm naglilihi, I still have a weird taste in food. Really glad to be back for now. :-)

ipanema said...

Welcome back! Now I know how to wake you up...tagging! I have a lot. :)

Tama yung buhos, di ako makatulog pag nag shower bago matulog. lol. Ako sasama kung saan-saan, pag dating ng hotel, matutulog lang ako! :)

On sweet & salty combination, ganyan ako sa ibang foods. I have to balance. I haven't tried that banana and adobo comb. though. :)

Babalik ako dito, mamamasko. Sana magising ka. Mag carolling na lang kaya kami dito. Si Toe and musical director, ako taga hawak ng baton nya, di ako marunong kumanta. :)

ladybug said...

ipanema> Hi there! I missed you a lot. How're things coming along? I hope you still have a peaceful Christmas knowing that your hubby is now at peace with the Lord.

Try mo yung banana and adobo combi...sarap nun. Di ko lang type ngayon ang adobo ngayong naglilihi ako. Sige, mag-carolling kayo ni Toe ha. I'm sure maganda ang kalalabasan nun...hehehe. Can't wait! Gusto ko may song number ka rin....hehehe. :-P

Rey said...

I know how painful it can be when you got operated and not live on pain relievers. You're one hard gal to crack and I know your baby is thanking you.

ipanema said...

Eto, kinakaya-kaya kahit di naman kaya. Ok lang, slowly.

Thanks. I miss you too, ya know?

aba masubukan nga kaya yan. Baka pati maghawak ng baton nya di ako marunong, magalit lang sa akin, hahaha.

Nice to read you again!


meily said...

eY, welcome back! hhhmmmm... thank God you're alright and oh... you're pregnant pala. hmmm.. im excited for you! really! i love looking at babies. their so pure, so fragile, so cute! oh.. post pix here ayt? and thanks for the comment... hmmm... i collect key chain instead of book marks. hehe. ;)

ladybug said...

rey> Ay...sinabi mo. Sakit talaga...super. I almost fainted from the pain. The nurse would suggest injecting novaine. Tanong ko lang, safe ba talaga yun? Sagot ng nurse "ok lang pag unbearable na yung ni dok eh." Yun yung key word..."unbearable"....parang tumatapang ako. Sabi ko, sige, kakayanin ko naman yung sakit eh. Hayun, tiniis ko talaga. :-D

ladybug said...

ipanema> I have faith in you. Slowly but surely, makakayanan mo rin yan. Regarding the baton twirling, I'm sure di ka naman pagagalitan ni Toe....mabait naman yun eh...pag tulog! Hehe, just kidding ha toe, baka mabasa mo to eh. Anyway, I wish and pray for peace in your family this Christmas. {{hugs!!!}}

ladybug said...

meily> Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm really glad to be back, although di pa rin kasindalas yung mga entries ko. Anyway, I will surely post pictures of my baby once manganak na ako. Shempre...magiging proud mom talaga ako...hahaha. :-D Hope you're feeling much better now.

Senor Enrique said...

Wow! A new post from Ladybug!

Happy Christmas to you and the family!

ladybug said...

eric> Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family also. :-D