Monday, February 26, 2007

The Dilemma of Kris

I've always avoided showbiz topics in the past. But I just cannot resist writing about the Kris-James-Hope love triangle. Last weekend, almost every television set in the Philippines was glued to Startalk and S-Files for the much-awaited revelation of "Hope" Centeno regarding her affair with cager James Yap, husband of Kris Aquino. Rumors/jokes circulated regarding what the revelation would include, e.g. lurid details about sexual encounters, content of text messages, etc.

This probably prompted the "collapse" of Kris when she first heard about the scheduled airing of the interview of Hope by Lolit Solis. My heart goes out to Kris at this point. While I may not agree with some of the steps taken and I'm reserving my judgment about the whole controversy, I can only imagine the pain she must be going through, and at such a difficult time in her life. She's also 7 months pregnant like me (note: unfortunately the similarity ends there as I don't have her multi-million peso account nor the face of my father in the 500-peso bill). I'm having trouble as it is - lower back pain, morning sickness (yes, I still have it and in fact it's even worse now and it seems to have rubbed off on my husband too), anxieties about the baby and the upcoming delivery - without having the "supposed" infidelity of your husband being broadcast over national television. Oh well, as Lolit aptly puts it - "Next week, this will all be forgotten. Until James gets in trouble again."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little update...

I know...I've been silent for a long time, a little longer than the usual. I've had trouble accessing the blogger website last month, which made me lose my cool and wanted to stop blogging altogether. But I realized that I missed all you guys. When I opened my blogger account today, I was surprised that blogger automatically switched me to the new version. Oh well, at least I had no trouble logging in and posting this entry. Actually, it seems even easier now.

Just a little update...

Whooaa...I've gained 30 pounds with the pregnancy. And there's still one more trimester left to go. My OB-GYN wants me to cut down on my carb intake. Aw shucks, I love my carbs...rice, bread, pasta, you name it.

I have edema ("pagmamanas") of the ankle and feet. From a shoe size of 8, I've gone to a size 9 and this morning, I had trouble putting on my size 9 shoes because of the extreme swelling. The only thing I look forward to are the foot massages my husband gives me every night in the hopes of letting the swelling subside. (I don't think it has any effect but please don't tell my husband.)

Anyway, I'm getting hungry. Im thinking of going to Greenbelt 1 and having some snacks...maybe pasta? ("Tigas talaga ng ulo...kasasabi lang bawasan ang carb intake eh.") Good luck ladybug!