Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cameras, anyone?

When, in the middle of a birthday celebration last Sunday, my camera suddenly conked out on me, I decided to give up my fight against digital cameras and join the bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for digital stuff and technology and gadgets to make my life easier. It's just that I bought this Canon Ixus (film) camera at a ridiculously high price several years ago, just before digital cameras suddenly became en vogue, so in order to keep my sanity, I had to convince myself several times that film cameras are so much better than digital cameras.

But not anymore. With my film camera out of commission, I suddenly had a reason to buy a new camera. And yes, of course, digital is the only way to go.

So, last night, with much nudging and persuasion, hubby grudgingly accompanied me to Park Square in Makati in order to browse through the different digital cameras that are available in the market. Whew! It was definitely tough! The selection of digital cameras are wide and choosing one depends largely on the needs of the user. My main concerns are battery life (I want lithium ion ones, however they belong to a higher price category, way out of my league) and reasonable megapixels (although photography is not my main source of livelihood, I want to make sure that I could use it for years to come and the prints will still turn out good, so 2 MPs were definitely out of the picture).

Here are some cameras available:

… and more cameras….

With all of these cameras staring at me, I suddenly panicked. So, hubby advised me to wait one more week, just browse around the malls and surf the net, before deciding on what camera to buy. Ok, ok, I agreed. It didn't help too that a $^%$^% saleslady was very rude to us. We asked her if a certain brand is available on installment basis and she ignored us. I was pretty sure she heard us and we repeated our question twice. We stormed out of there without waiting for the answer to our question. That serves her right! (as if the saleslady cares)

So now, I'm still surfing the net, looking for previews of the brands and models that are within my price range. Hopefully, I get to make my final choice this weekend.


Toe said...

Hi Ladybug! I need to buy a new digital camera too. Do share the fruits of your research.

Welcome to the blogging world pala! I'll put you in my blogroll ha!

ladybug said...

Thanks Toe!
By the way, I know that one of the sins of blogging is not following up on a previous story. Sorry ha. pero I bought Canon Ixus 750. Walang napala yung research....nabola na lang ako ng isang magaling na salesperson. Pero hindi naman ako nagsisisi. I love my new camera!
By the way, I also want to include you in my blogroll, but I don't know how. Once I learn how to do it, ikaw una kong ilalagay.