Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One sick day...

I had to call in sick yesterday because I had LBM coupled with an intense pain in my stomach. So, with nothing to do all day (halleluiah!), I decided to watch all the DVDs I bought over the past few weeks which somehow got ignored with all of the deadlines and reports I had to do at the office.

First off, I decided to watch “Failure to Launch” starring Sarah Jessica Parker (“SJP”) and Matthew McConaughey. It was just a so-so movie. There were even some corny moments especially when the crowd was cheering Matthew on while he was trying to patch things up with SJP (they were viewing the scene in a laptop connected to several webcams in the room where Matthew and SJP was). It was like a scene out of the 80’s. I definitely wouldn’t watch this movie again.

Ok. I hoped the next one would be better. So, I popped in “Date Movie” starring Alyson Hannigan (of the American Pie series) and Adam Campbell. Omigod…this was even worse. I wasn’t even able to watch the whole movie since it was so boring that I slept through most of it. (Zzzzzz……)

Since I did not have much success in this area, I surrendered. I didn’t think the rest of the DVDs would make me feel better. So I decided to channel-surf instead and see what’s happening on the boob tube.

I suddenly remembered, it was Day 2 of the Wimbledon Championships. I got excited. There’s something about watching tennis players slugging it out in the nice green courts of Wimbledon which soothes me. I prefer it over the red clay courts of Roland Garros. I learned that most of the scheduled play for Day 1 of Wimbledon was suspended due to the rain. (so what else is new, this happens every year.) Play for Day 2 was also temporarily suspended, however, play resumed as soon as the rain stopped. I really pity the players who would just sit there all day waiting for the rain to stop. I hear there’s talk of putting a roof over the Centre Court….finally!

I just love hearing the British accent of the commentator with their quirky slangs. (“Kim Clijsters is in the doldrums.”) And the umpire is very courteous. (“Mrs. Henin-Hardenne to serve.”) The fact that Wimbledon is steeped in tradition never ceases to amaze me. I love watching the lady players curtsy especially when there are royals watching.

It was also nice to see the comeback of Martina Hingis in Wimbledon. She holds the record for being the youngest tennis player to win the Wimbledon championships in 1997. I think that the semi-retirement of Hingis gave her a more thorough appreciation of the game. I always thought that she was too young to appreciate her status then. (Who can forget her face full of tears when she lost to Steffi Graf during one of the Championships at Roland Garros.) She really has matured and has become one of my favorites, along with Justine Henin-Hardenne.

I also learned that this is going to be the last tournament of Andre Agassi as he is set to retire after the Wimbledon. It really is the end of an era. I hope that Agassi wins the tournament, the same way Sampras won the U.S. Open when he retired, just about the time Bridgette Wilson Sampras was carrying their first child. What a way to end a career. But let’s not forget that Roger Federer is on a roll. Who can beat him on grass? I don’t think that his nemesis, Rafael Nadal, can beat him on grass even though Nadal was won majority of their head-to-head matches (which are usually on clay.) The next 2 weeks in Wimbledon will prove to be exciting, so let’s all wait and see.

On the local badminton scene, the JVC tournament held at Powersmash Makati is ongoing. Badminton fanatics are encouraged to watch and cheer their favorite players. Hope to see you all there!

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