Saturday, October 14, 2006

A reunion of sorts

What happens when you put together former classmates from law school together? Why, chaos, of course. Venue was Una Mas, Greenbelt 2. I even forgot to take some pictures of the food we ate because we were all so busy catching up on each other's lives. All in all, it was an evening of good food shared with good friends. Hope we can do it again soon.

Bon voyage Jeanne!


ipanema said...

Oh, when we are with friends, we lost track of time. It's really chaos, especially if it's been quite sometime. I bet you enjoyed your reunion Ladybug. hmmmm...*I think that's ladybug over there.* :)

ladybug said...

ipanema> I really had a lot of fun! :-D But I had to leave at around 9 P.M. Killjoy noh? Hindi ko na kaya eh...inaantok na ko, super. Hahahaha....tumatanda na ba? Hope you have a nice and peaceful Sunday ahead of you. :-)

kyels said...


I'm glad that you had fun with your friends. It's really good to hang out and catch up with old friends and time can fly so fast unknowingly when you start chatting up with them.

But nevertheless, bonding sessions are good!

Have a blessed Sunday Ladybug!


niceheart said...

It must be fun to see your former classmates. I have never been to any reunion. Ang hirap kasi ang layo ko sa kanila. :(

vic said...

Last time I had a reunion with few of my classmates was way back in 82 or 86 and some of them were retired Deans, Professors, Accontants and with grandchildrens already and here I am not even started a family yet.. hehehe. But dozens of nieces and nephews and grandchildren (my siblings) and I love them all..
have a nice day and a nice rest..

ladybug said...

Kyels> Thanks for dropping by! :-D I rarely attend these sessions due to some reason or another, but when I do get the chance, I really have lots of fun. Hope you also had an enjoyable weekend. :-)

ladybug said...

niceheart> Ay, malungkot nga yung malayo. Pero ang importante pa rin eh yung magkakasama ka ng pamilya mo diyan sa Canada. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend! :-D

ladybug said...

vic> Wow! That must have been quite enjoyable. And it looks like a major reunion. Ours was just a reunion of our barkada in law school. Hope we can have a major reunion in the whole batch. That will be really nice. Hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable weekend. :-D

david edward said...

hello po...kakamiss po yung mga friends dati no? hehehe...sarap ireminisce yung mga dating kulitan..wahahaha..

Rey said...

Wow... i've never seen so many beautiful lawyers in my life.

Asan ka diyan, ma'am?

...and don't say "sunstained."

jina said...

hey ladybug.

thanks sa comment.

Oh, I see..

Just asking e.


Yes, he's based here in Cebu. trains potential players in group sessions once a week for 2 hours.

After I shed some of this weight and become physically fit, I'll be joining his sessions.

What fun. ^^

Got YM?

Please add me. ^^ tendo_nabiki2004

thanks, and take care!


[pray for me and my schoolmates. Exams dawn on the 18th na. ><]

ladybug said...

david edward> Sobra talagang nakaka-miss. Pero wala tayong magagawa, we all have to move on. Ang importante, the memories will forever be in our hearts. Nobody can take that away from us. See you around! :-D

ladybug said...

rey> Thanks for the compliment! *blush!* Nahiya naman ako dun. Where am I? Uhrrmmm...can I refuse to comment on the basis of the right against self-incrimination??? Hahahaha... Maybe pag may picture akong ma-ayos ayos, magpapakilala ako. :-D

ladybug said...

jina> Badminton is a good workout for the body and at the same time, a lot of fun too! Based on your picture di ka naman mataba eh. I will definitely include you in my prayers. Good luck on your exams! Ay, sorry po, lo-tech ako wala akong YM eh. Di ko rin ma-download sa comp ko dito yung program. Don't know what's wrong.

Anyway, tamang-tama, pagkatapos ng exams puwede ka nang mag-start mag-badminton. Take care!

Heart of Rachel said...

Get together with friends is always a time to cherish. It's nice to relax in the company of good pals.


ladybug said...

rach> That's true. Getting together with good friends is a time to be cherished. Some friends have migrated to other countries and I truly miss all of them. Hope you have a great weekend! :-D

Lani said...

Bigla ko namang na-miss ang mga classmate ko noon. Tagal na rin kaming di nagkikita. The last time we saw each other was 1995 pa.

Okay lang kahit di mo nakunan ang mga food, ang mahalaga you really enjoyed the moment with them.

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

hi, gurl! missed you! how's the pregnancy? i hope everything's going swell...(when i said that i imagined myself wearing a crisp white shirt with a beige cardigan wrapped around my shoulders, very stepford husband. hahahaha!)

ladybug said...

lani> Thanks for the comment. Sorry for my super-delayed response. Hope you get to have a reunion one of these days. Sarap talagang balikan ang nakaraan. :-)

ladybug said...

jerome> Thanks for your concern. I'm doing far. Hahaha....napaka-gwapo mo naman yatang stepford husband....teka, di ba dapat wife? hahaha. Take care!

kyels said...


It's always good to catch up with ex-mates ha!