Thursday, October 12, 2006

Small plane crashes into a Manhattan building

I woke up this morning with a full bladder and a strong urge to pee, so I went to the CR. After going back to bed, I also felt very thirsty. Ayayay...the discomforts of pregnancy.

Anyway, with all of these things happening to me very early in the morning, I could not immediately go back to sleep. So I decided to switch the television on, hoping to catch some boring show to rock me to sleep. What flashed before me did not make me go back to sleep. Instead, I was jolted into full consciousness and sent me running to the computer.

The image of a burning building in NY immediately caught my attention, accompanied by the headline banner of BBC saying that a plane crashed into a NY building. What flashed through my mind was "Oh no! Not another terrorism attack again please!" I'm sure the people of NY have not yet recovered from the 9-11 attack.

Anyway, there have been no indications of terrorism involved. However, fighter jets have been reinforced and there's a no-fly zone over Manhattan. According to the news reports, it was a small plane (probably a 4-seater) that crashed into the 20th floor of a 50-story condominium tower located on East 72nd. The Belaire Condominiums, built in 1988, has 183 apartments, many of which sell for more than $1 million. It is a tower overlooking the East River, about five miles from the former World Trade Center building. As of this writing, there have only been 2 confirmed deaths.

What's so disconcerting about this is that this building is located near a hospital, the Hospital for Special Surgery. So, several lower floors are occupied by doctors and administrative offices, as well as guest facilities for family members of patients of the said hospital.

I hope that this really is an accident and no terrorism is involved. For more info, please visit


Kyels said...

Yeah, I read the news about this plane crash too when I was checking out the news today. I really hope that it's not another terrorism attack too, really. Everyone suffered so much from the last incident and it's not completely off their minds yet.

I'll pray to the Lord to take care of everything and make things all right.

Ladybug, I hope you are doing all right and that baby is good too!


swtiine said...

Ooh, that's scary! Anyways thanks for the comment on my blog :) Badminton's my favorite sport ever since my mom taught me how to hit the birdie! Well Ladybug, I hope that your baby's doing well! Take good care ;)

Lani said...

I think an athlete was killed in that plane crash.

But ye, I hope it wasn't another terrorism attack. Scary!!!

Take care of yourself and the baby.

serVant said...

hmm, this incident will surely stir a lot of bad memories.. I can say no more. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Heheh, and have a nice day (this goes to your baby too!)...

Toe said...

Ladybug! Ano ka ba? Don't watch the news when you're pregnant!!!! Don't you know that absolute inviolable medical rule????!!!!! :)

Take care of the baby and have fun tonight! :)

ladybug said...

kyels> What happened was really sad. I agree, people have not yet fully recovered from the 9-11 incident. Thanks for your concern kyels, we're doing well. Hope you're doing well also. :-D

ladybug said...

swtiine> That was really scary. Thanks for dropping by also! Hope everything is well with you. :-D

ladybug said...

lani> You're right. The plane was owned and being flown by Cory Lidle, pitcher for the NY Yankees. So apparently, they've ruled out terrorism. But it's still sad. Thanks for the concern. Hope everything is going well with you too!

ladybug said...

servant> Lots of bad memories indeed. Thanks for dropping by! And hope you have a nice day too. :-D

ladybug said...

toe> What medical rule are you talking about??? Hahahaha....wala yata akong nababasang ganyan sa mga pregnancy books at hindi naman ako napagbabawalan ng doktor eh. Anyway, hirap nga akong makabalik sa tulog kanina eh. Grabe, alas kwatro ng umaga napabukas tuloy ako ng computer. Anyway, I hope I can take pictures tonight para maipakita ko sa yo.

jina said...

hey ladybug..heard of it too..

So sad nga e..

Any relatives near there?

haii naku..

anyway, how's the baby going?


oh, if it's okay with you..please relay this question to your hubby..

"Do you know Coach Joseif Ricaza?"


drop by my blog and tag..


take care!

vic said...

Everytime ther is anemergency accross the border, it concern me personally, because my baby sister and her husband live in N.Y. City and both of them are emergency workers, and always an "standby and ready for duty alert 24/7" even if the code is elevated to one color up. A relief it was not a terrorist act, but sad just the same because Cory Lidel used to Pitch for Our Toronto Blue Jays.

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

oh my...brought me back to that night when i watched the twin towers hit the ground on cnn. sigh.

Heart of Rachel said...

Such a tragic and sad fate. I feel sorry for all the people who lost their lives and injured during the crash.


Kyels said...

Yey! I am glad to hear that you're doing well.

As for me, it's just too stressful with the workload that I get from school but everything's okay. Thanks for the concern Ladybug. I do appreciate.


ipanema said...

Ay, it brought back 9/11 memories Ladybug. so I posted a question kasi I read CNN's breaking news. So, at least may sumagot naan sa email and on the cbox.

After posting that question, I dialled my mother who lives in New York. Ako ang kinakabahan.

Tanong ko nga kahapon, wala bang no-fly zone sa area na yan? I mean after 9/11 they should know huh.

Pssst...dont watch too much frightening news, baka ma-apektuhan bebe mo noh? :)

ladybug said...

jina> I don't have relatives near there, but I have lots of friends there. Shempre nakaka-worry. Ok, I'll ask my husband later and I'll leave a comment on your tagboard. But personally, haven't heard of his name yet. Take care too and hope you have an enjoyable weekend ahead of you! :-D

ladybug said...

vic> You must get worried a lot, especially with 9-11 tragedy and the recent incident. But you must be proud of you baby sister...always helping those in need and always being on call during emergency situations. It's a noble job. Hope you have an enjoyable and peaceful weekend ahead of you! Take care! :-D

ladybug said...

jerome> Nako, sinabi mo. Buti na lang hindi kasing grabe. Hey! Nice to see that you're back! I hope you're feeling better already. Have a nice weekend and take care! :-D

ladybug said...

rach> Yup, really sad. Let us count ourselves lucky that we're still in a safe place. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend ahead of you! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Ladybug! Thanks for tagging at my blog. =) Yea, I enjoy badminton but still prefered volleyball.

Hope you're doing well!

Anyway, congrats and take care since you're pregnant!


Major Tom said...

This is truly disconcerting. I wonder why I've never heard of it from TV news. Oh, I must have been too busy since our city was celebrating its fiesta last October 12. Well I really hope its not another terrorism attack.

ladybug said...

jiemin> I'm glad you enjoy a lot of sports. Makes you a well-rounded person. Thanks for dropping by and for the nice words! Take care!

ladybug said...

major tom> Well, they've discovered that it wasn't a terrorism attack. It was just an accident...Cory Lidle, a NY Yankee pitcher, was the pilot. But it was truly a sad incident nevertheless. I hope you're fine. Have a nice weekend! :-D

Pinay New Yorker said...

Ladybug, so glad to hear about the pregnancy.. take it easy. I haven't had the chance to bloghop much and I have a lot of catching up to do.. take care..

Abaniko said...

Off topic: Hi Ladybug. Your guess is correct but I just had to delete it because I don't want to be asociated with the company. I thought nobody would know. :-)

I was looking for your e-mail address but couldn't find it on your blog. Wanted to send you an e-mail on this sana.