Friday, May 11, 2007

The Blogging Phenomenon

While trying to keep myself occupied last Saturday afternoon, waiting for my husband who was having his racket strung at a sports store inside Virra Mall, I happened to browse through some books at A Different Bookstore nearby. I was not planning on buying this book, The World Is Flat written by Thomas Friedman, but eventually did so upon the prodding of the store salesman. This book is an interesting read and talks about globalization and its impact in the business community.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't finished reading it yet -- all 571 pages. But I want to share with you some stuff that the author wrote about this phenomenon called "blogging."

"A new blog is created every seven seconds, according to, a site that tracks these easily updated Web journals. Technorati says there are more than twenty-four million blogs already, and the number is growing at about seventy thousand a day and doubling every five months -- from Iraqi bloggers, who give their own take on news from the front, to bloggers who follow and critique golf course architecture, to poker bloggers, investment bloggers, to just plain you and me bloggers."

I'm sure that this number has multiplied since the date of the release of the updated version of this book in 2006. But those are still large numbers. The author also mentioned that companies like General Electric even hire someone to plow through the various blogs and respond to them on a daily basis. Big companies are starting to take notice.

"It is impossible to imagine what it is going to be like in ten years when virtually everyone has a blog. But that is where we are heading."

This is awesome technology. I'm glad I live in this age of advanced digital technology. :-D


kyels said...

I've passed by this book many times but I have yet to get it.

Is it good?


snglguy said...

If it's from Thomas L. Friedman then it is GOOD read. I thoroughly enjoyed his book "From Beirut to Jerusalem" years ago.

A caveat though, his books are really THICK, but very informative. These are the kind of non-fiction books that I enjoy.

Hope you get to enjoy it this weekend.

ladybug said...

kyels> So far, I'm halfway through and I'm really enjoying it. I think you'll like it also. :-)

ladybug said...

snglguy> Thanks! I just wish his books are not as thick, haha. :-D Hope you have a nice weekend.

meily said...

happy mother's day!! :)

ladybug said...

meily> Thank you so much! I didn't think anyone would remember to greet me, aside from my husband of course. I greatly appreciate your greeting. :-D Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

ipanema said...

I think it's a nice read, Ladybug. True, Technorati says there are now 71 million blogs.

Some companies do hire people to see what they're talking. Some could have destructive effect on a business.

Toe said...

My Dad forced, este lent the book to me. I couldn't get past the first chapter. :) I don't think I reached the part about blogs. Gee, once everyone has a blog, I'm going to stop blogging. :)

ladybug said...

ipanema> I'm still halfway through but I find it interesting too.

ladybug said...

toe> Haha....sayang. Wag ka namang mag-stop. I like reading your blog. :-D