Thursday, July 26, 2007

From the Courtside: Bingo Bonanza Philippine Open 2007 (Part 1)

Here are some pics I took while watching the 2007 Bingo Bonanza Philippine Open Badminton Tournament at the Philsports Arena (formerly Ultra). These are from the Semi-Finals last Saturday. It was unfortunate we were only able to watch the last 3 games that day because we were late. Not our fault since it was raining so hard and my husband's car had a flat tire, so there.

A shot of the audience who trooped to the Philsports Arena despite the pouring rain outside

Zhongbo Xie of China giving a hand signal to his partner Zhendong Guo

Defending champions Susanto Njoto and Yohan Wiratama of Hong Kong (former players of the Indonesian National Team)

Another shot of the Men's Doubles game between China and Hong Kong

Yu Chin Chien and Wen Hsing Cheng of Chinese Taipei (who won that day and eventually bagged the Women's Doubles title the following day.)

On a different note: I just finished reading Harry Potter Book 7 today! Finally, I can now function properly. Don't worry, you won't find any spoilers in this post. I just have this to say -- J.K. Rowling is such an excellent storyteller. I'm so sad this is the last installment in the Potter series.


vernaloo said...

I agree about JK Rowling =)

Anyway badminton is a sport that I can manage but I think I only played it once hehe most of my friends are playing it after work...hmmmm maybe it's high time for me to try it out again :)

Ladybug thanks for dropping by my site...I hope you don't mind if I link you :)

kyels said...

JK Rowling is an extraordinary storyteller.


I only watched the Philippine Open through Astro. Haha! But the matches were good.

Senor Enrique said...

A great financial success she is! What a story she came up with.

Tht was some crowd considering the heavy rain.

ladybug said...

verns> Sure! I'll link you up too. Just give me time to fix my template. Regarding badminton,why don't you try it? It's really a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of friends. Thanks for dropping by.

ladybug said...

kyels> Yes, the matches were amazing! Especially the finals between Malaysia and China. The crowd went wild during the last points of the game.

ladybug said...

eric> Her success is really phenomenal. And she does not disappoint with this latest release. Really great storyteller. How I wish I could follow in her footsteps....hahaha. I'm afraid I'm not as talented.

ipanema said...

I'm going to miss Harry Potter. :) I think there should be a follow-up. Kaso baka magsawa ang tao huh?

As for me, nasa mga bata pa ang book. :)

Good for you! You were able to watch this event! Iba talaga pag mga international players naglalaro.

ladybug said...

ipanema> Oo nga...baka magsawa. Sana gawa naman ulit siya ng panibagong series...hahaha. Babae naman bida this time. Regarding the badminton tournament, I agree. My husband and I always make it a point to watch international badminton players when they're here in the Philippines for a tournament. I'm looking forward to the MVP Cup (Asia vs. Europe) next month.

snglguy said...

Indonesian players representing HK? Puwede na pala yun? :-D

You're probably the nth blogger who've read the HP book and blogged about it. That said, am I the only blogger in the sphere who hasn't read that book? I'm so out of place, hehe.

Then again, HP and fantasy books aren't my thing... I've already enough fantasies brewing in my mind. Hahaha :-D

ladybug said...

snglguy> Yes, that's happening nowadays. Napipirata na ng ibang countries yung mga Indonesian and Chinese players pagkatapos nilang mag-retire. Examples: Ronald Susilo (Ind) is now playing for Singapore, Mia Audina (Ind)represented Netherlands before she retired last year, Pi Hongyan (Chn) is now playing for France and another Chinese is also playing for Germany.

Regarding fantasies....hahaha! Kuwento mo naman minsan sa entries mo yung fantasy mo tungkol sa iyong crush....yung wholesome lang ha!

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

i am back from...(blushes) just read na lang, mare. thanks for always dropping by. hugs!

ladybug said...

jerome> Hey there! Welcome back...we missed you! :-D

momoftwo said...

So no Filipinos made it to the Semis?

The more I read blogs about the HP books the more I get interested of reading it hehe. But I think I need to start reading the early series first before reading the last one? I might give it a try :)

ladybug said...

momoftwo> Unfortunately, none. So sad. I hope that players get more support from the government. Badminton is a sport we can eventually dominate because height is not a big factor.

Regarding HP....yes! I would definitely recommend that you read Book 1 first. I plan to read the whole series again. Hahaha...addik talaga.

lazarus said...

Ladybug, glad to know that you're now back and blogging.

I'm sorry to hear about the pickpocket thing. May mga malikot na kamay pala na badminton fans.

Great pictures you have here. I could have watched the games last wednesday at Philsportd but decided otherwise. Zhou Mi is back and donning the HK colors. She should give Zhang Ning and Xie Xinfang a tougher competition the next time.

ladybug said...

lazarus> Thanks! I'm sure the pickpocket wasn't a badminton fan. Baka umaaligid lang sa ultra knowing na nagkakagulo na mga tao. Kasi kung badminton fan dapat napatigil nung nakita sina Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong....hahaha. :-D Sayang, you should have watched. Exciting talaga yung finals ng mens doubles. You're a fan of Zhou Mi pala. Kahit na may slight injury nanalo pa rin. Galing nga niya.