Sunday, July 09, 2006

JVC 2006 Badminton Tournament - FINALS

The Elite, Elite Masters, Veterans and Veterans Masters Categories of the JVC 2006 Badminton Tournament finally came to a close yesterday, 8 July 2006. Congratulations to my hubby and his partner for winning 2nd place in the Veterans Masters Mixed Doubles category. It was quite an achievement for them considering that my hubby's partner started playing badminton and was even his student sometime in 2002. And inspite of that, they were able to beat some seasoned veterans pairs. Kudos to Jojo Mance and Jojo Hipolito!
Here are some pics during the finals and awarding ceremonies.

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Toe said...

Congratulations to Jojo(s)! Gusto ko na tuloy ulit mag-badminton. :)

ladybug said...

Thanks Toe!
You should play badminton has many advantages. It keeps your body toned, shakes off unwanted pounds...and you get to meet a lot of new friends! Which reminds me...I should play badminton again...hehehehe