Friday, July 21, 2006

Make-up Junkie

I have a confession to make. I am a make-up junkie. There…I said it.

I have lots and lots of make-up I can’t use, most of which just end up in the trash. Whenever I have some money left and I’m feeling depressed, I immediately go to make-up counters (SM, Rustan’s, even Mercury and Watson’s will do) in order to lift my mood. I eventually end up buying stuff I won’t really need anyway. Honestly, how much make-up does a girl really need?

My main obsession is lipsticks. There are days when I want to feel vampy and I put on the red lipstick (“Red” by Bobbi Brown); when I want to go natural I use a pinkish brown shade (“Spirit” by MAC or “Crystal Rose” by Estee Lauder); and when I want to look natural but with a little bit of color, I put on a rose shade (“Soft Rose” by Bobbi Brown). I gave away most of my lipsticks (sniff…sniff…) because others can still put it to good use before they turn rancid, and still, around 20 tubes are left inside my “Caboodle” box. I plan on keeping all of them. I even had a bet with a close friend of mine that I will not buy lipstick this year. I was able to keep my end of the bargain…until June, that is. I also love blushes…I have the cream, gel and the powder kind. But the blush which always gets the most compliment is the powder blush by Bobbi Brown with a rosy shade.

One of my dreams is to own a cosmetic company someday. Boy…that would be the day! I almost forgot about that dream of mine until Eric, a close friend of mine, reminded me about it during one of our dinner get-togethers. He said I should never let go of that dream. The people we meet along the way, the experiences we encounter…they all help us toward making our dreams a realization. In the meantime, until that day comes when I have saved enough capital to put up a cosmetic company, I should never quit my day job.


Pinay New Yorker said...

Well that's another thing we have in common. Don't ever worry about lipstick going bad. You can always layer them to produce a new color -- it is always good to experiment. When a tube goes very dry, pick a good color to mix with it -- either something very close to the color or one that would mix well with it. You can actually 're-mix' the lipstick in your over, using an enamel or pyrex container. Be careful not to overdo it. keep the temperature low until you see the beeswax (main ingredient of lipsticks) melting and then mix the lipsticks. You can also just heat the lipstick (sans the tube) and 'rejuvenate' the wax content. I have found old lipsticks very useful to use as make-up add-ons. They make good blushes, eye shadow base (if light enough..) They can hold powdered eye shadow 'in place' instead of finding them matting your lids more so in humid conditions. And yes, never let go of that dream. Colors, shades, and containers are always something that you can work on and come up with. Good luck!

ladybug said...

Hi Pinay New Yorker! Thanks for the helpful tip. I would like to try it one of these days. Thanks also for the encouragement. It's so nice to find new friends while blogging. I would also like to wish you good luck in your future plans. God bless!