Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank God it's Friday!

I just want to shout to the world “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!” No more drafting of letters to client, no more conferences to attend, no more reports to make…time to enjoy!

If you notice the title of my blog – “OF LAW AND BADMINTON” – it announces in itself that this blog is supposed to be about the law and about badminton. However, you will notice that so far I have only written about badminton, the weather in Manila, recipes and even make-up. No posts about the law…yet. I attribute this to the fact that since I am a practicing lawyer by day, I am too exhausted about my job to talk about it during my “blog” time. Grabe … .nakakasawa na.

This preoccupation to talk about everything else besides work would manifest itself whenever my hubby picks me up from work. Our talks in the car would begin by him asking how my day went. I would usually answer by telling him that everything went OK. Then I would excitedly ask him how his day went. He is, by the way, a badminton coach and former national champion here in the Philippines. I would want him to tell me EVERYTHING about his day. How his day went is definitely more exciting than my day at the office.

Anyway, weekend’s here! No work for two (2) days. Yehey! I am so excited. Hope you get to enjoy your weekend too!


Toe said...

Yes, hurrah for the weekend! :)

Badminton is DEFINITELY more fun and exciting than lawyering. :)

Happy weekend Ladybug! BTW, you got tagged. :) Visit my blog to know the rules (pero a little later na cos I'm not finished writing it yet).

j said...

hi ladybug, I would love to learn how to play badminton. i'm sure it would be fun!

ladybug said...

Toe: Ok. I just have a little trouble finishing the meme. I know I have a lot of weird things/habits...the problem is do I want the rest of the world to know about it....hahahaha! I'll post my answers as soon as I finish.

Jairam: Thanks for visiting my blog. It's really fun to learn and to play badminton. Just invite some of your friends, bring your racket and a couple of shuttlecocks, go to the nearest court, and voila! You'll start to enjoy the moment you start the game. :) It's a great way to meet new friends also.

Andrew said...

Good for you to be so interested in your husband's day. In my books, that's the kind of supportiveness that makes for a happy marriage.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

ladybug said...

Hi Andrew! Thanks for the very inspiring comment. I know that like most marriages, my husband and I still have to work out on some issues. But we really make sure that we show our love for each other in our daily lives. Comments like yours inspire me to be a better person, thus becoming a better wife. :-)