Thursday, July 20, 2006

A seller in disguise

I decided to eat at McDonald’s (near Makati Cinema Square) during lunch today as I was craving for a crrrrunchy fried chicken. I went there a bit early so as not to catch the lunch crowd and proceeded to place my order. Once I got my order, I chose an inconspicuous place and started eating.

As I was halfway through enjoying the fried chicken (to the tune of Pa-pa-ra-Pacquiao…), a man, who by the way looked like a customer, placed a small birthday card on my table without any explanation and probably expected me to read the contents of the card. Instinct, as well as years of living in the metropolis, tells me never to trust any stranger, however well-meaning they may be. So, I continued eating the rest of the chicken, ignoring the card. By this time, I thought the man had already left my side and was probably distributing these cards to the rest of the customers. I was surprised when the man suddenly put a bag of native delicacies on my table, probably waiting for me to pay for his wares. I waved him away. I was annoyed by the fact that he was not upfront about his intentions and made it look he was giving me a birthday card. Does he take me for a fool? This kind of modus operandi bugs me no end. Hay nako….only in the Philippines.

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